Re: Entry Level.

Subject: Re: Entry Level.
From: Thespina Hadjimichael <thadjm -at- JUNO -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 11:26:17 -0500

In a message from Ron _D_Rhodes, he offered some suggestions for
Writer's-To-Be, among which was to get some books on tech-writing...

I'm wondering if anyone can suggest some titles & authors that they have
found good...?! I'd appreciate knowing what other's have found


- Thespina Hadjimichael
thadjm -at- juno -dot- com
On Thu, 30 Oct 1997 09:21:05 -0500 Ron D Rhodes
<Ron_D_Rhodes -at- MAIL -dot- BANKONE -dot- COM> writes:
> Dear Techwhirlers,
> I might have a MA in technical writing, but the last time I
> no-one cared. Anyone can learn what I acquired in school by
> taking a careful and conscientious approach to language. To get
> started in tech-writing, follow these steps:
> 1. Take an initial vow of poverty, or write to subsidize your
> income. If you prove to be an average writer, things will look
> Sweat-equity pays dividends.
> 2. Order these books from
> A grammar book (One like your 12th grade teacher used. Learn it.
> it. Love it. BE IT!)
> A how-to book on tech-writing (get a couple of these)
> A synonym finder (it's much better than a thesaurus)
> Chicago Manual of Style
> A good dictionary
> Having stated all the above, I do appreciate the work my
> invested in my future. But I'm betting that a few (not all) of
> might even mimic my response.
> Ron "degree-brandishing-is-for-insecure-writers" Rhodes
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