Re: Word question - How to create a traditional TOC?

Subject: Re: Word question - How to create a traditional TOC?
From: "Marie C. Paretti" <mparetti -at- RRINC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 10:52:59 -0500

At 09:12 AM 12/3/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a Table of Contents and I want to use the traditional formatting
>for it. In other words: Entry, em space, page number
>Introduction 1
>Adjusting source code options 47
>Reporting on analyses 78
>I've discovered Word's Index and Tables window and I have selected a
>format for my TOC. I've turned off "Right Align Page Numbers" and I've
>discovered that Word now separates the entry and the page number with
>only a space, not the traditional em space. How do I get an em space
>automatically generated between entries and page numbers?

I just flipped through the TOC options (Index>Indexes and Tables>TOC
tab>Options button) and it seems that both Simple and Modern put an em
space between heading and page number. Once you generate a TOC, all the
styles will appear in the doc's style catalog, so you can modify the font,
margins, etc. that way (Format>Styles; the TOC entries are TOC 1, TOC 2,
etc.; select one, choose Modify, and away you go; just remember to add them
to the template or make sure your doc doesn't automatically update the
styles if you want to make sure your changes will be in place the next time
you open the doc) (if you need a quick lesson on templates, let me know;
they're very different in Frame and Word).

Good luck, and let me know if you need clarification.


Marie C. Paretti
Department of English Recognition Research, Inc.
University of Wisconsin - Madison Blacksburg, Virginia
mparetti -at- facstaff -dot- wisc -dot- edu mparetti -at- rrinc -dot- com

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