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From: John Posada <posada -at- FAXSAV -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 12:03:12 -0500

Wally...actually, this works pretty well. I'm on NT. If I leave Clipboard Viewer open as a small window, everytime I press Alt-PrintScreen, the image shows up in the window. I select SaveAs, enter a name (I'm simply using 1, 2, 3, and it writes it to disk. Thanks for the suggestion.

John Posada

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I'm dealing with a similar issue. I have to document an NT network, but the
network administrators don't want applications running on their precious

Make sure you have the Clipboard Viewer installed. Then, when you capture a
screen with <ALT Print Screen> you just need to open the Clipboard viewer
and tell it to save the capture to the a: drive or wherever you want (e.g.,
some other network store, a Zip drive, etc.). You can then move the .bmp
wherever you want for editing, etc. I'm not at an NT workstation at the
moment so I can't verify it, but I know it works OK for a W95 PC. I would
save them one at a time just to be safe...

Wally Glassett
Tech Doc-It, Inc.
wallyg1 -at- pacbell -dot- net

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Hey, guys...

I'm documenting a major procedure at my company. It is the monthly =
billing process and between backups, archiving, and processing (some =
steps take 2-3 hours to run), this is a process that takes 6 days to =
run. it also takes place on several different PCs depending on the step.

Unfortunately, it is a process that cannot be randomly or repeatedly run =
since some of the process includes the equivalent of "closing out the =

Therefore, I have to create my documentation as the real process is run =
and unfortunately, I'd like to get this written and polished in the =
least number of cycles because the person that runs it is going on =
maternity leave in a few months.

So...what I am looking for is a screen capture program that can be run =
from a diskette without installing it on the PC. =20

I guess that I could use Window's screen capture ALT-PrintScreen =
(BTW...does it write to disk each time, where does it place the screen =
capture files on the hard disk and can I invoke this command repeatedly =
without having to empty a buffer?), but I'd like to be able to go to a =
machine, access the A drive, load it into memory, and capture screens =
and messages during the processes. I can always edit and crop later.

As always...any responses and/or suggestions are welcome.=20

John Posada, Technical Writer (and proud of the title)
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My opinions are mine, and neither you nor my company can take credit for =

HEY! Are you coming to the NJ TechWriter lunch? So far, about 10
of us are. Ask me about it.=20

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