Problems with hiring, Equity

Subject: Problems with hiring, Equity
From: "Julie F. Sullivan" <jhesselgesser -at- OXMOL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 12:59:14 -0500

The existing writer then found out that the newbie was on a higher salary.
He raised this with his manager and MD and was semi-placated - newbie
wasn't legible for company benefits, pension, Profit Related Pay (PRP)
Scheme etc. He was told that it would all be sorted out in the next round
of pay negotiations.

Eric raises a valid concern and one that it would pay all of us to note. It
is VERY common for new hires to come in at salaries above their peers or
their managers (especially if they are someone's friend). I have just
discovered this at my place of employment as it happenend to the person next
to me who is supposedly the "manager." She just found out the new hire is
making $15,000 more than her! Now she has to wait for a review to receive
her raise. I am in the process of interviewing for another writer. One of
the candidates stated a particular salary requirement that was higher than
my own. When I asked management if they would go that high, they said yes!
Two lessons here:

1. The salary is set by the market conditions at the time of hire.

2. If you are a manager, ALWAYS find out how much any potential hiree will
be paid so you can INSIST on a raise before they are hired. (Ask them in the
interview how much they hope to get.)

Just my two cents worth...

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