Re[2]: How much to charge?

Subject: Re[2]: How much to charge?
From: Keith Arnett <Keith_Arnett -at- RESTON -dot- OMD -dot- STERLING -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 15:00:04 EST

The original posting asked for some sort of formula, which is what I
tried to provide. Like any formula, you can plug in the variables
that work for *you*.

Thanks for the feedback :-)


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Subject: Re: How much to charge?
Author: Jean Weber <jean_weber -at- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM> at ~sydressmtp
Date: 2/3/98 2:53 PM

An interesting assumption in Keith Arnett's discussion of how to determin=
what to charge:

>c. Determine how many billable hours you think you can work in one week
and multiply by 50.<

The assumption is that you think you can (and want to!!) work 50 weeks ou=
of the year. Did I miss an allowance for sick days, or is that factored
into the 30 hr/wk, along with public holidays, time off for self-educatio=
and other non-billable hours spent on your business? =

But more importantly, ask yourself, do you really WANT to work 50 weeks a=

year? One of the benefits of freelancing/contracting is having the option=

of longer vacations. I suggest you consider calculating your billable hou=
on the basis of 48 weeks a year or less.


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