Re: Word Problem/HELP!

Subject: Re: Word Problem/HELP!
From: "Bergen, Jane" <janeb -at- ANSWERSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 15:12:06 -0600

Hmmm. I've seen this bugaboo discussed on the list for at least three
years. Microsoft Word does NOT do Master Document, even though Microsoft
says they do. I've even heard Microsoft employees say (off the record,
of course) that they "wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole." It is
extremely volatile. A lot of list members have suggested a shareware or
freeware program called MasterView (I think that was the name). It seems
to approach the Master Document in a different way.

For only 200 pages, you're much better off using a single file approach.
I sure hope you have a backup copy somewhere.

Jane Bergen, Technical Writer,
AnswerSoft, Inc. Richardson, TX
(972) 997-8355
janeb -at- answersoft -dot- com

On Thursday, February 05, 1998 2:11 PM, Tracy Taggart
[SMTP:tracy_taggart -at- RETEK -dot- COM] wrote:
> Help! We have a 200 page User Doc in Word that has basically =
> reformatted itself. We used the Master Document approach. Now after
> opening the document today, it has turned charts into headings, the =
> index and table of contents are completely screwy. But the scariest =
> part is that small paragraphs are missing throughout the document. =
> Obviously it will not be a fun weekend trying to find the missing =
> paragraphs and retype them in. =20
> Has anyone ever seen anything like this in Word (it's the latest =
> version)? I would really appreciate any advice.
> Thanks,
> Tracy Taggart
> Retek Information Systems
> tracy_taggart -at- retek -dot- com=20
> Send commands to listserv -at- listserv -dot- okstate -dot- edu (e.g., SIGNOFF
> Search archives at:,

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