Fw: File Turns into Bitmap

Subject: Fw: File Turns into Bitmap
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 23:15:02 -0600

I've lurked on this list for a long time, and now have an occasion to ask
for your help.
I'm forwarding this message from my daughter in San Diego in hope that
someone might have some answers to her problem.

Ginger Jones
ginger -at- prodigy -dot- net

> Mom, help!

>I created my database in FileMaker Pro. I used the database to create
another layout for the invoice that I need printed. (I wanted to make it
easier to input the data directly from the invoice.) I am now trying to
print the invoice. I took it to the printer as an .EPS file, but it was

>What I tried doing was:

copying and pasting the layout into Illustrator,
dragging the image onto Illustrator,
taking a desktop snapshot of the invoice & opening it in Illustrator,
using PhotoShop instead of Illustrator, and
printing to a file instead of a printer to try and get it in another

>ALL of these did not work. They all bitmapped it. I have spoken with a
few of my friends who are a little familiar with FileMaker Pro, and they
think I should just start over and create a new invoice in Illustrator.
BEFORE I do this, I wanted to make sure that there is absolutely no way to
get the FileMaker Pro invoice into Illustrator without it turning it into a
bitmap file. Can you ask the Techwrit-L list if they have any suggestions?


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