Re: situation: employment

Subject: Re: situation: employment
From: Richard Yanowitz <ryanowit -at- NYCT -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 14:16:50 -0500

At 12:42 PM 2/11/98 -0500, swigser wrote:
>I've been working for this employer for just under two years, on a
>long-term contract through a staffing company (they call it coemployment).
>Last winter (December) I was told that I would become a full time employee
>in April. I know for a fact that offer letters have gone out and I
>haven't received one.
>In the meantime, I have another company courting me. It's a good company
>also, interesting position, a little higher salary.
>I really enjoy my current position and company and don't really want to
>leave. Do I just push the fact that I was told I would be getting an offer
>to become an FTE in April, do I use the fact of the other company courting
>me, or do I just leave well enough alone and let fate take care of it?
>I would really appreciate any thoughts on this one.

Say something like: "I need to know the status about my becoming full-time
in April. Where do things stand? I love working here and would really
like to stay on, but someone came out of the woodwork and made me a decent
offer, and obviously I can't afford to pass it up if there's going to be
any hitch here."

Everyone understand that we all need to look out for our own welfare. If
they're not going to follow through as promised, you probably don't want to
be there anyway (they may not value you enough, or they may be having
unvoiced problems that would affect you).

Good luck.

Richard Yanowitz, NYC
ryanowitz -at- bigfoot -dot- com

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