Re: FWD: Employment Interview Questions

Subject: Re: FWD: Employment Interview Questions
From: ""Renée L. LaPlume"" <rlaplume -at- RORKE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 10:29:01 -0600

>I feel I can present myself well in an interview, but I'm bothered by one
inevitable question: Why are you wanting to leave your present job? I've
been at my present job for only a year. I know not to go into specific
details (it would take hours!); I'm also somewhat uncomfortable using the
well-worn phrase "I'm looking for new challenges." In a nutshell, there is
a personality conflict with my manager that I know won't change. I know if
I don't leave on my own, I will be fired in the near future. I don't have
a written contract with this company and my employment can be terminated
without cause. There is no legal discrimination I can prove.

I agree with the persons who said "lack of fit with the
position" is a good start. Follow that up with, "the
type of fit/situation I'm looking for is ____" where
_____ is what you're looking for, and hopefully also
what the prospective employer has to offer (if not,
you're better off knowing that). Continuing on with
"Would this position be in line with ____" is good too.
(Sell, sell, sell.)

Another good reason for leaving, if it is true, is
"looking for opportunities for growth." I say this
because it fit a situation I was in a few years ago -
not the only reason for leaving, but the one I could
present in the most positive light for my own situation.

Best of luck in your search, and don't knock yourself
down with having stuck it out *only* a year. Not all
situations are worth sticking around to try to change.

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