Text From Postcript

Subject: Text From Postcript
From: Stuart Burnfield <slb -at- FS -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 14:12:43 +0800

Hi Sabahat, nice to see you back.

Jay Anderson said:
> The version of Ghostview that I use (GSVIEW32, v2.3), has a Text
> Extract... feature under the Edit menu. Works great!!!

The DOS and UNIX versions of Ghostview include a command-line version,
ps2ascii, so you could do bulk conversions if necessary. Here are the
command line options:

$ ps2ascii -h
Ghostscript version 2.6.1 (5/28/93)
Copyright (C) 1990-1993 Aladdin Enterprises, Menlo Park, CA.
Usage: gs [switches] [file1.ps file2.ps ...]
Available devices:
x11 tiffg3
Most frequently used switches: (you can use # in place of =)
@<file> treat file like part of the command line
(to get around DOS command line limit)
-d<name>[=<token>] define name as token, or null if no token given
-f<file> read this file even if its name begins with - or @
-g<width>x<height> set width and height (`geometry'), in pixels
-I<prefix> add prefix to search path
-q `quiet' mode, suppress most messages
-r<res> set resolution, in pixels per inch
-s<name>=<string> define name as string
-sDEVICE=<devname> select initial device
-sOutputFile=<file> select output file: embed %d for page #,
- means stdout, use |command to pipe
`-' alone as a file name means read from stdin non-interactively.
For more complete information, please read the use.doc file.

BTW I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere about using "ghost view"
to see things in "post-crypt".

Stuart Burnfield
Functional Software Pty Ltd
mailto:slb -at- fs -dot- com -dot- au

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