Hypertext links to a booked PDF

Subject: Hypertext links to a booked PDF
From: Wendy Lewis <wlewis -at- NCLOGIC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 15:55:57 -0500

I have been having various problems with my hypertext links when converted
to PDF. I have fixed many of them with the help of Bill Burns, but two
remain. I ask your help in these last two, then I'll mention some things I
discovered in the process.

1. Openlink commands from one booked PDF to another booked PDF open the
correct document, but do not go to the newlink marker. It stays at the
first page.

2. Openlink command does not open a new window. It closes the previous
document, then opens the linked document.

I talked to Adobe. They couldn't help me because it worked for them. These
are the things that I discovered, only one of which was documented in the

* The openlink command went to the newlink marker when the file you are
going to was PDFed individually -- not in a book.

* Cross references over ride the hypertext commands. I had one overlayed on
the same text.

* You must use the file name extension to make the link work in FrameMaker,
but Acrobat 3.0 doesn't care if it's there or not. Acrobat 2.0 didn't work
if there was a file extension in the hypertext statement.

* Files don't need to be open when you create the PDF. Or rather, it didn't
make a difference in the links that worked or the ones that didn't when the
all, some, or none of the files were open.

* Paths seem to be absolute in FrameMaker, but once PDFed I think they
become relative.

* Using Frame 5.5.x and Acrobat 3.0, file names can be of any length and
include spaces. They are, however, case sensitive.

If anyone has a clue, I would really appreciate a note back. I am very
stuck on this one. I'm using Frame 5.5.1 on Win95 and Acrobat 3.0. Please.

Wendy Lewis
North Coast Logic

"Work like you don't need the money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And, dance like nobody's watching."

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