Re: Word SEQ field question

Subject: Re: Word SEQ field question
From: Beth Friedman <bjf -at- WAVEFRONT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 22:39:42 -0600

In our previous episode, Bergerson, Carl A said:

> You didn't mention what version of Word you are using.

Word 8, aka Word 97. I'm updating a template from Word 6, and this is
one of the enhancements I'd like to make.

> With Word 8, you can use a new field, DocVariable, to do what you want.
> With Word 6 and 7, you can use the File, Summary Info screen to save a
> few pieces of information (assuming you're not using those items for
> their intended purpose <g>), and then put them in your document using a
> Document Information field.

Uh, I don't think those'll work, though it's a clever idea for other
purposes. It's not a constant that I need to display.

Essentially, it's the equivalent of a chapter title being carried over
in the Styleref field in the header, except that there's no place in
the document (as designed) to put the chapter title, only the header.
Right now, I'm creating a new section every time the header changes
(every few pages), but that's exceedingly inelegant.

That's why I was hoping I could put text formatted as hidden in the
document to serve the purpose as the origin for the Styleref field,
but if it's hidden in the style, it insists on being hidden in the
styleref. Very annoying.

Beth Friedman bjf -at- wavefront -dot- com
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You'd half expect somebody to usurp it
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