Re: Single sourcing Word and HTML

Subject: Re: Single sourcing Word and HTML
From: Diane Reichert <Diane -dot- Reichert -at- DIGITAL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 08:49:57 -0500

I am using HTML Transit from INFOACCESS
You can take a word file and split it into any number of HTML documents
easily by telling Tranist to separate on "a style"

It is very powerful. The charts and spreadsheets covert much more
clearly than the WORD save as HTML.

TOC can be created
You can use Frames or not
There is also a more robust publishing package but I chose to use the
inexpensive (~$500) tool. I get compliments on their appearance.
You can customize very easily. We have had to follow corporate
standards, and were able to do so easily.

Download the trial and give it a try. V3 has taken me longer to get up
to speed but only because I have all of my old documents in V2 and there
was quite an improvement.

Unfortunately, I cannot point you to any of my documents yet today. Most
of my files are inside our firewall at

I have no connection to the company. I do spend a fair amout of time
looking for the better way to do things.
/Diane Reichert
Just a litt'l ole contractor making a living.

From: Kylie Bansemer[SMTP:kylie -at- QITS -dot- NET -dot- AU]
Reply To: Kylie Bansemer
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 1998 12:55 AM
Subject: Single sourcing Word and HTML

I am contracting with a company which makes extensive use of
or business systems documentation. Currently, this
documentation is
written in Word and printed. The Word documents don't use any
features like bookmarks, either. Just styles and plain old
However, in the past couple of months I have seen a definite
push by
developers to get the information on-line, as HTML documents.

We still need the Word documents. Most of the managers here are
familiar with HTML, and have no wish to learn it, so they will
need to edit the Word source. The documents will also still
need to be
printed to show to visitors, such as clients, other department
personnel, etc.

As far as I can tell, our options are:

- to use Word's Save As HTML feature. However, the HTML created
unattractive and pretty darn useless.

- to create some custom macros to do our own Save As HTML, which
convert styles as needed, save sections in the document as
pages, insert links, etc. But this will require a fair amount
of time
to implement.

- to forget about single sourcing and maintain two sets of
This will also take some time to implement and maintain.

So, my question is, what to do? Are there third-party
applications out
there that will do this? Have other companies tried to
something like this? Are there any other options?

Any insights, experience, tips, examples appreciated.

Kylie Bansemer
Click Computing
...Mailto:click -at- qits -dot- net -dot- au

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