Re: Printing Question: Kinkos?

Subject: Re: Printing Question: Kinkos?
From: Wendy Lewis <wlewis -at- NCLOGIC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 15:33:11 -0500

I've had nothing but bad experiences at Kinko's, and yes, I do use them in
a pinch. The Kinko's I've used have a high employee (and manager) turnover
rate because they generally employ young, inexperienced, cheap people,
usually college students.

Because of their attitude, I went with a small family business printer that
also does copy work. They picked up and delivered. They had one person
assigned to my jobs, who knew my style and instructions. Even if I forgot
to put things in writing, they were done right. This place was even cheaper
than Kinko's and gave me a fruit cake at Christmas. Of course, I did about
$15,000 worth of copying a year. I found it surprising that other companies
wouldn't jump through hoops for that kind of money.

At 10:25 AM 3/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Several weeks ago I asked for, and got, all sorts of helpful info from
>everyone on methods for outsourcing the printing of our manuals. Work
>being work, I had to put my pursuit of a printer aside for a while, but now
>that I'm back into the process, it's become clear that one of our top
>choices for Docutech printing of PDF files is Kinkos (one reason being
>The details: I will be supplying them with PDF versions of Frame manuals.
>The manuals vary in length from about 20 pp up to 200 pp., and we will
>typically do print runs of 20 copies or less of each manual (the software
>has a tendency to change quickly!), and not necessarily print all the
>manuals at once.
>Our account manager is going to run some tests for me in the next week, but
>I remember a couple of response to my earlier request cautioning against
>Kinko's. So, does anyone use Kinkos as a printer? Are you happy with
>them? Has anyone tried Kinkos and gone elsewhere? Why? I'm interested in
>any and all experiences with them so that I can evaluate not only their
>pricing, but their quality and reliability as a long-term option.
>If you reply to me off-list, I will summarize the results. Thanks in
>Marie C. Paretti
>Recognition Research, Inc. (RRI)
>1750 Kraft Drive, Suite 2000
>Blacksburg, VA 24060
>mparetti -at- rrinc -dot- com
Wendy Lewis
North Coast Logic

"You gotta sing like you don't need the money,
Love like you'll never get hurt,
You've got to dance like nobody's watching,
It's got to come from the heart if you want it to work."
-- G Clark

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