Re: CBT vs. Training - my thoughts

Subject: Re: CBT vs. Training - my thoughts
From: Scott Gray <scotty -at- CM -dot- MATH -dot- UIUC -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 11:52:55 -0600

Skills are learned not taught. Does the nurse have the skill after
listening to the teacher descibe how ... no. Certainly these descriptions
are very important. Demonstrations even more important, but actually
doing yourself is the MOST important part of the learning process. What I

The current model used in training appears to be that 90% of the student -
teacher interaction is spent LECTURING TO STUDENTS. Is this the best

Perhaps a better way to learn to take blood would be to build a model of
an arm that responds wen the student "misses" and have the teacher there

no. I stand by my statement stand up teaching is the worst way to learn a
skill. Not a bad way to learn history from a very good speaker.


Scott Mills Gray
scotty -at- cm -dot- math -dot- uiuc -dot- edu

"I hear and I forget, I see and I forget, I do and I forget" -- confused.

On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Tracy Boyington wrote:

> > > Stand-up training is always better.
> > > That's my opinion. But I am a realist. Companies are going to "follow
> > > the money," and CBTs are much cheaper than stand-up.
> >
> > Ridiculous statement. Stand-up training is the
> > worst way to learn anything, particularly any kind of training that takes
> > place on a computer.
> The "worst way to learn anything?" I don't agree with the poster who
> said stand-up training is always better, but if one extreme is
> ridiculous, so is the other. And because of your last statement, I
> assume you are not speaking strictly about software training.
> > Think about something you are good at. Did you learn it all from
> > listening to someone tell you what to do? You probably took their
> > suggestions yes, but then you went off and taught yourself, coming back
> > and getting feedback every once and while from someone.
> Have you ever had a urinary catheter inserted, Scott? Have you ever had
> your blood drawn? Would you want a nurse who listened to an instructor,
> or a self-taught nurse who got feedback every once in a while?
> There is no one best way to teach everything.
> Tracy
> Who just found out that if you pay your STC dues before the deadline,
> you get to vote! How long has that been going on? ;-)
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