Re: CBT vs. Training - my thoughts

Subject: Re: CBT vs. Training - my thoughts
From: Scott Gray <scotty -at- CM -dot- MATH -dot- UIUC -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 12:17:52 -0600

> I have to agree with Bill, that organized (say using a
> tutorial style workbook), hands on (you work with the
> program environment), facilitator/instructor led training
> class is what you are describing. One of the best ways to
> come up to speed quickly in an application is to use it in a
> cohesive, comprehensive fashion, with guidance along the
> way. That is what good hands on training is supposed be
> designed to do.

This is what I am suggesting and IS best accomplished with CBT.
Why? Here is an example. A few years ago I was in charge of
teaching HTML to elementary school teachers. I would stand in
front of the class with an LCD panel and projector to that the
teachers could follow along and do what I do. This wasn't very
effective because some teachers were fast and some slow, the fast
ones were bored the slow ones were behind and everyone was pretty

Searching for a better way, I built a CBT version of my lessons...This
worked GREAT! The teachers could go at their own pace, take the time to
experiment on their own, and ask me questions on things they got totally
stuck. The entire atmosphere of the class completely changed for the
better. There was fun and excitement in the class room!

Suddenly, the teachers OWNED what they learning! Not only were they
learning HTML, but they were learning to learn HTML on their own.
Learning is fun when you get down to it, why take it away from the student
by explaining everything.

A great Mathematics teacher of mine once said: "To explain to a student
how to do a problem is to rob the student of the OPPURTUNITY and
EXCITEMENT of figuring it out and learning to do it themselves".


> I will agree, however, that going to a lecture and watching
> someone do something is often useless. That is a demo, by
> whatever name.
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