Re: Freelance Opportunity - - Oh what to do. . . . . . .

Subject: Re: Freelance Opportunity - - Oh what to do. . . . . . .
From: David Girardot <dmgirard -at- CORNETLTD -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 10:31:32 -0500

Brian sez:

> I have been approached by a software company to write their User?s
> Manual. Problem is?.. I am already working a 45 hour week. The company
> knows of my full time work situation, yet still wants me. I can spare two
> maybe three hours an evening and one day during the weekend. That?s about
> 18 useful hours towards their project.


I'm not sure how productive you'll be able to be after putting in a full day
on your dayjob. If you don't mind giving up your weekends for a while, then
I'd advise doing that. Another option is to take a leave of absence for a
week or so.

> Perils and pitfalls to watch for? Should I ask for up-front money to keep
> getting stiffed? Weekly/bi-monthly billing? You get the point.

Okay I'm no expert in this particular topic, my only experience with
contracts and such comes from the other side. But some fairly standard
terms I've seen are 1/3 1/3 1/3. 1/3rd amount due upon acceptance of
proposal (you write the proposal, it explains how you are going to do the
job, with time estimates and hopefully a way of dealing w overruns), then
another third upon delivery of the "draft" for their review, then another
third upon delivery of the final product.

> Two User Manuals w/130 GUI?s (approx 130 pages)

What do you mean by "w/130 GUI's"?

-- David

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