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Subject: Re: jobs in NYC
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 18:58:52 EST

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<< I'm looking at what's available in the New York City area for tech
writers. >>
This seems of general enough interest to warrant an on-list response.

I left NYC in late 96, but did TW work there for several years before that.

Certainly, KTI (who are members of this list) are worth contacting. They are
one of the few straight documentation/knowledge transfer consulting firms in
the city. My own experiences with them were positive (check the archives).
They pay on time and tend to have quality (but almost always on-site)

There's another company in Red Bank, NJ - SOS? They contacted me a few times,
but we never actually got together on a project. I believe there's one other
straight documentation consulting firm based in NJ, but their name escapes me.

Otherwise, certainly pick up the Sunday Times and contact the various computer
consulting firms who advertise in the Career section. They may not actually
offer you a project until long after you send them a resume, but that's how
the business tends to work - hold resume until need appears.

Technical writing can mean a wide variety of things, including marketing,
finance and medical/pharmaceutical - all domains well represented in NY/NJ. I
for instance did a fair amount of direct mail for Xerox at one point; another
friend of mine wrote in excrutiating detail about financial instruments.
Consider companies in the specific domains you know well and try contacting

Also, from the Flatiron District down into TriBeCa is a loosely defined
'Silicon Alley', with a number of game and Web start-ups. Possibly worth

Of course, there's all the usual national resources - STC,, etc.
- as well.

Good luck -
Jim C.
Currently semi-available for contract/freelance work
Have you read <A HREF="";>"Meet Jim
Chevallier" by Jackie Joseph</A> ?

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