Re: Tech Writer - Introvert or Extrovert ?

Subject: Re: Tech Writer - Introvert or Extrovert ?
From: Simon <oro -at- TELEPORT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 07:20:20 -0800

Dianne Driskell wrote:

> On the whole, there are many skills that a good technical writer needs,
> but

C.G. Jung wrote:

"Introversion means a turning inwards of the LIBIDO whereby a negative
relation of subject to object is expressed. Interest does not move
towards the object, but recedes towards the subject. Everyone whose
attitude is introverted thinks, feels, and acts in a way that clearly
demonstrates that the subject is the chief factor of motivation, while
the object at most receives only a secondary value. Introversion may
possess either a more intellectual or more emotional character, just
as it can be characterized by either intuition or sensation.
Introversion is *active* when the subject *wills* a certain seclusion
in face of the object; it is *passive* when the subject is unable to
restore again to the object the libido which is streaming back from it.
The introversion is habitual, one speaks of an *introverted type.*"

Psychological Types

On an MBTI -- a simplistic measurement in any case -- I am very
introverted. That does not, however, mean that I am shy, or incapable
of being a "people" person. Lawyers are most often introverts. Yet
communication skills in lawyering are probably as important as in tech

In any case, the preferences shown in the MBTI do not lay out what a
person can do, or even what a person might be good at, but simply what I
how a person prefers to be. I prefer to be rich and lazy. Life,
however, requires that I develop other skills.

> if I need to vote introvert or extrovert; I vote extrovert.

I vote for ice cream.

Orrin "Simon" Onken
oro -at- teleport -dot- com
Listowner, Netdynam -- Group Psychology in Internet Communication

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