FW: Converting back to Word 95?

Subject: FW: Converting back to Word 95?
From: "Lee, Lynn" <Lynn -dot- Lee -at- LIBERTYMUTUAL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 11:02:38 -0500

> Hi all,
> I'm hoping you might provide some insight on the wisdom of converting
> Word 97 files back to Word 95. The project I've inherited is a set of
> draft training guides for instructor-led workshops. The drafts were
> originally written in Word 97 by the previous writer, whose choice was
> based on easy conversion to HTML after the workshops are delivered.
> As you can imagine, I've run into many time-wasting hassles trying to
> get the guides into the format/layout I've designed (template styles
> being overwritten, numbered lists not behaving, etc.) Because I'm
> the only person in the department using 97 (which isn't supported by
> the company's help desk), the drafts that reviewers open in 95 contain
> significant formatting glitches that cause confusion. I also dread
> the prospect of assembling the chapters with a master document, or
> figuring out a workaround.
> I wonder whether I'll run into more problems converting back to Word
> 95 than continuing forward with 97. I assume the conversion to HTML
> will be fairly straightforward with Internet Assistant. However, the
> documents contain tons of screen captures, some of which are
> "floating" next to the text that describes them. The "read me" file
> that accompanies one of the Microsoft conversion programs mentions
> that graphics are handled differently in 95 and 97. Will that be a
> "show stopper?" Are there any others you know about? The docs also
> contain a lot of tables and numbered lists.
> TIA for your help.
> Lynn Lee

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