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Subject: Virtual Department
From: KevinX Feeman <KevinX_Feeman -at- CCM -dot- CH -dot- INTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 11:02:00 PST

Hey all! Due to cost reductions here at Intel, the technical
publications department is being disbanded. It was previously all
contract employees in the department except for one perm employee, which
is being asked to find employment elsewhere in or out of the company.
All contracts are not being renewed and I will be the last. The
engineers and programmers will, after my contract is up, be responsible
for their own documentation. Yea, right! Like that is going to be a
good idea!

Anyway, one of my duties before my contract is up is to create a virtual
department, using a web page design. Good thing for my resume.
However, I have little knowledge of this department (I started 6 weeks
ago) and have never created a web page of this type. What type of
information, features, etc. would go on this web page? My initial
thoughts include:

ú On-line spreadsheet containing list of documents, per product.
including instructions on how to update spreadsheet.
ú Templates (including instructions on how to correctly use these
ú Style guide containing how and where styles are used, style
definitions, sections on table creation, etc.
ú Guide on how to start a new document using templates on web page
ú Guide on how to convert document to pdf format
ú On-line list of acronyms commonly used
ú Procedure for submitting documents for incorporation to web page
ú Common editing syntax

Any other ideas or suggestions? Has anyone ever done this before? Any
input, advice, or mentorship would be appreciated.

Kevin Feeman

47 days to Anaheim!!!!

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