Re: MS Windows Typography

Subject: Re: MS Windows Typography
From: Michael Lewis <lewism -at- BRANDLE -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 23:26:40 +1000

As far as I can figure, it depends on how you manage your font files. I
use Adobe Type Manager, and have absolutely no problem with 4 weight /
style combinations (such as regular, bold, italic, bolditalic). ATM can
also manage TT fonts, and I like the way it supports "sets" so that you
can organise fonts by job, client, or (as in my case) application. I
have ATM running under Win 95 on a 486 notebook with only 2MB of RAM, as
well as on a Pentium Pro 200 with 32 MB, and another couple of boxes in

Michael Fraase wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm finalizing the decision to migrate full-time from the Mac platform to
> MS Windows. The only Windows box I have is an old H-P 486 server running
> Windows NT, and if you run NT you know why I can't do any productivity
> application testing on that machine. For those of you that don't,
> understand that the machine is pretty solid so long as I leave it
> absolutely alone. If I even look cross-eyed at it, up comes the blue
> screen of death.
> I have two pressing questions:
> 1. Is it possible to install and use more than two weights of a
> PostScript Type-1 typeface on Windows 9x and/or Windows NT?
> For example, if I want to use a typeface with regular, semi-
> bold, and bold weights, is it possible to install and use
> all three? Last time I checked, it was possible to use any
> two of the three, but not all three. Last time I checked,
> it wasn't possible. This is especially troubling because the
> FrameMaker documentation set indicates that it's possible to
> use lots of instances of a multiple master typeface.
> 2. Is it possible to enter special characters (em-dash, en-dash,
> ellipsis, etc.) from the keyboard with a single key plus a
> modifier sequence? For example, on the Mac an em-dash is
> Option-Shift-hyphen.
> Thanks kindly.
> --
> Michael Fraase, proprietor
> mfraase -at- farces -dot- com

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