Re: Corporate constipation & basic decency

Subject: Re: Corporate constipation & basic decency
From: Richard Farley <rtfarley -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 09:37:19 -0700

I have been following this thread with acute interest, and since it has
generated so much momentum I can't resist adding my snow ball to the

All of the stories used to justify the thoughtless, inconsiderate
behavior on the part of those who have jobs towards those who do not,
are just that--stories. They don't excuse someone who says that they
will call you back, but never do. They don't excuse the recruiter who is
all bubbly and encouraging on the phone, or to your face, and then
forgets your name once you are out of sight. They don't excuse the
practice of flooding the internet with scores of great sounding job
openings, and pleas for "urgent help", only to ignore 90% of the
responses, (when a quick email reply takes seconds). Then, there is my
pet peeve, the nit picky selectivity that passes for screening. So what
if someone needs brush-up training on some particular tool or procedure?
The fact that they have put forth the effort to learn other similar
tools proves that they will put forth an equal, or greater effort for
your task.You don't get loyalty without extending a helping hand now and
then. So what if the candidate has written documentation for high speed,
high tech equipment, but not a software manual? You don't think the
skills that helped create that clear, useful documentation apply to your
needs? Think again!

All too often the opportunities go to only those who have the magic
combination of past experience and special software, while overlooking
many who would bring a new enthusiasm, appreciation, and dedication to
the work. But, what the hey! It's so easy, hiding behind our monitors,
to just hit the Delete key, right?


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