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Subject: Re: et cetera
From: "L. H. Garlinghouse" <garlinghou -at- WATERLOOINDUSTRIES -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 15:31:04 -0600

"Parker, Cassandra M. (EXCH)" <CMPARKER -at- INTERMEDIA -dot- COM>

> What is the appropriate usage of the word etc.
> For example:
> 1. When it is in the middle of a sentence, should a comma follow it?
> 2. When etc. is at the end of a sentence and the sentence ends with a
> question mark or a period, how do you handle this?

> 3. When etc. is at the end of a sentence but in parentheses, what would
> you do here:
> (computers, printers, scanners, etc.). OR
> (computers, printers, scanners, etc.)
> I have seen the usage of this little acronym in so many different forms
> that now I am confused.
Referring to "Amo, Amas, Amat and More" by Ehrlich [ subtitled "How
to use Latin to your own advantage and to the astonishment of

etc. is and abbreviation of two (2) words, et cetera. It means "and
the rest" which is loosely translated as " and so on." It is only
used when speaking of things, not people. It definitely lis not an

Re Q1: Mr. Ehrlich does put a comma after the period in the
abbreviation, i.e. " . . .abbreviation etc., is . . . ."

Re Q2 & 3: Strunk and White (mentioned earlier this AM) says that
"etc." is parenthetical and should be punctuated accordingly. I
guess this means that for punctuation purposes you just pretend the
"." isn't really there (?).

Thanks for the question. I never had it figured out and needed an
excuse to get it all straight too.

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