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Subject: Re: Frame Printing Help
From: Dan Azlin <dazlin -at- SHORE -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 10:17:15 -0400

At 12:57 PM 3/27/97 -0500, Amy Frink wrote:
>Two FrameMaker printing questions:
>1) On an HP Laserjet SI, can type print as gray???

Yes. If you change your font to a color other than black (or white;)) the
result will be a dithered image, i.e. some shade of gray. Try different
colors to get the shade of gray you like best.

>2) A black filled graphic with white type prints fine on an HP Laserject SI.
>On a Docutech printer, white blotches print on the page instead of the
>text. Any ideas?

First, is the Laserjet SI running in postscript mode or HPL mode? If it's
in HPL you will get different results because Docutech is essentially a
postscript printer. Try printing a test copy on a postscript printer and
compare that to your Docutech output. Also, run your test pages at 600dpi
on your laserjet. This is the equivalent of the resolution obtained by
Docutech printing so it should give you a good approximation of what to

The other problem that you may be having is the type of graphics you are
printing. If it is a bitmapped image you may be seeing the effect of moire
patterns being generated to represent the black tones. This could be
especially true if your graphic is not a true black, or if it is scaled to
some odd percentage of the original. You don't say what type of application
you are using so I can't offer any opinion there (Remember, not all
software is created equally!) but I do what you are describing all the time
with Frame5.x; no problem.

Hope this helps.

Dan Azlin ** WORD ENGINEERS, Technical Writing & Publishing **
dazlin -at- shore -dot- net 7 Myrtle Street
ph/fax 978-921-8908 Beverly, MA 01915-3315

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