Re: Convert from Framemaker files to Word files

Subject: Re: Convert from Framemaker files to Word files
From: "Pilipovich, Kathleen" <Kathleen -dot- Pilipovich-1 -at- KMAIL -dot- KSC -dot- NASA -dot- GOV>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 16:49:28 -0400

>> I have a client who wants to get Framemaker files into Word. Can anyone
>> tell me how this is done and what to watch for in the doing (or can anyone
>> refer me to sources for this information?

I've gone this direction several times. I use an HP-UX version of
Frame and
Word95. In Frame, I save the file in RTF format. I load the RTF file in
an existing
Word template. Fomatting and tables came over cleanly. I had one draw
The style names in Word and Frame were very different -- something I had
control over. So I had to apply the Word styles to the document. For
a Frame style is CellBody and the Word style is TableText. You can do
global changes.
The one major problem in the Unix Frame to Word95 conversion is I
lost any
graphics that were native to Frame. I work on a Win95 PC using
Exceed as the X-server to access Frame in Unix. I configured Exceed so
when I copy objects to the X Windows clipboard it also copies the
objects to the
Windows clipboard. Text works fine. But when I paste an object into any
Windows graphics package such as PaintShop Pro, the graphic is fuzzy and
black and white (lost the color). I've racked my brain on this one and
never came
up with a solution other than creating the graphic again.
In addition to Richard's question, if anyone has conquered this
incompatibility problem please also respond to this posting. Thanks!

Kathy Pilipovich
United Space Alliance
Kathleen -dot- Pilipovich-1 -at- ksc -dot- nasa -dot- gov

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