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Subject: Re: secretary's day
From: "Gottlieb, Lynn" <Lynn -dot- Gottlieb -at- PSS -dot- BOEING -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 08:21:43 -0700

> Melissa,
> I understand.
> Despite my unisex name (an advantage in the business world), I am
> female. In 1996 I was working on my engineering degree at UW and
> managing two conferences for the School of Public Health. My title
> (Program Manager) and job responsibilities had nothing to do with
> being a secretary. Yet one of the PI's got me a Secretary's Day card
> and gift! And this PI was the only female member of the team! You'd
> think she'd have a clue! But she was old enough to be my mother
> (barely) and a MD to boot...
> I approached her privately after receiving the gift (which was done in
> a public setting, the better to embarrass me) and explained that
> although it was very thoughtful of her to think of me, I was not a
> secretary, nor did I have secretarial responsibilities. I told her
> that because I was not a secretary, I was uncomfortable taking the
> gift and would prefer to return it to her--perhaps she could give it
> to one of the department secretaries or office administrators. I gave
> the gift and card back to her.
> She was clearly offended and refused it. And that was the end of my
> career in that department. Although my work quality did not change, I
> was told that my job performance was unacceptable and that I would be
> terminated at the end of the two conferences (four months later!)
> Because I didn't want to lose my educational benefits, I stayed in
> that job till the bitter end. I did find employment in another
> department just in the nick of time. I graduated in June, she retired
> about three months later.
> Just my .02.
> Lynn Gottlieb
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> Subject: secretary's day
> Hello all fellow tech writers.
> I have a workplace dilemma. Today is secretary's day. Not something
> i
> would usually care about because I dont have a secretary. But this
> year
> I care about it because when I got to work there was a card on my desk
> thanking me for my good work as a SECRETARY! (i've been with this
> company for 4 months)
> While its nice to be appreciated, its not nice to be considered a
> secretary when you have a BA from a prestigious university and are
> working on your MS in tech comm. AND do not perform secretarial
> duties.
> I should also mention that I don't get a secretary's salary...nor do I
> have a secretarial title.
> Frankly I am highly insulted. I feel like issuing a statement
> explaining
> that while I appreciate the card and being appreciated, I am not a
> secretary.
> WHat do you guys think? Should I just forget it or voice my opinion?
> &^~~~
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