Re: A Last Post on Secretary's Day?

Subject: Re: A Last Post on Secretary's Day?
From: Dick Gaskill <dickg -at- AG3D -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 11:15:31 -0700

Well, I'm not sure whether this would be considered off topic or not,
but since it concerns compensation for tech writers, perhaps not.

George, though that might be the way it is where you work, your
statement is pretty rash, and I strongly disagree. Have you worked all
over America, in most trades and professions? Of course not! Neither
have I, but in every company I've worked in over the last 25 years, for
the most part, lack of praise has NOT been the case. Oh, sure, you get
an occasional manager who's a jerk (I've had 'em), but in my experience,
all good managers know that there's a lot more to compensating an
employee than just money. I sure do and I practice it. So does my
boss, and for that matter all the managers here, right up thru the
president. They teach this in management courses too, BTW. Sounds like
you might want to look around for a new job.

Dick Gaskill
Pubs Manager
AccelGraphics, Inc.

From: George Mena [SMTP:George -dot- Mena -at- ESSTECH -dot- COM]

.." Remember, getting praised for doing a good job almost never
happens anymore in the American workplace.

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