Re: International money designations

Subject: Re: International money designations
From: Dick Margulis <ampersandvirgule -at- WORLDNET -dot- ATT -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 16:24:19 -0400

To respond first to Marci and then to Marilynne . . .

In text, use US$1; in tabular work, you may need to pad the number with
blanks on the left, after the $, in order to accommodate the largest
amount in the column:

US$ 1

Now then, if you are going to use this designation in order to
internationalize your brochure, you need to consider whether you use
commas as thousand separators and a period for the pennies or vice
versa. You also have to consider whether the words million and billion
mean what they mean in this country or what they mean in the UK.

As to the euro, there has been quite a discussion of how this will be
made available in new font releases, in the comp.fonts newsgroup. Check for details (just do a search on euro + currency,
specifying the comp.fonts ng--you'll find plenty).



Marilynne Smith wrote:
> I would do it $1 US.
> Now I have a question. How will you document Euro currency (C with an =
> sign superimposed)?
> Marilynne
> At 9:23 AM -0500 4/24/98, Marci Abels wrote:
> >I've looked in the archives, and in my reference books, and haven't
> >found what I want. So, I'm asking you, how do you designate currency?
> >Would you say
> >
> >US$ 1
> >US $1 or
> >US 1
> >
> >I have a preference, but was asked to show some source or authority for
> >my suggestion.
> >
> >So, how would you write this? (It's for a marketing piece our
> >department is putting together - a project description of sorts, if that
> >makes any difference)
> >
> >O BTW, I'm on digest, so please reply to me at this address and I'll
> >summarize if anyone is interested.
> >
> >TIA
> >
> >Marci Abels mabels -at- csiks -dot- com
> >CSI
> >CSI, Inc.
> >
> >
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