Subject: Re: HELP!
From: Tim Altom <taltom -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 18:01:10 -0400

I'd go with PageMaker under your circumstances. There are some ways to work
around the graphics problems in Word, but PageMaker is leagues ahead in
graphics handling. If you're familiar with page layout techniques you should
be able to pick up PageMaker basics in an afternoon and with a Dummies book.
I got up to waddling speed with PageMaker years ago in a day's time, and it
was my first full-bore DTP package. With some Quark already in your quiver
you ought to go faster. PM isn't the best thing going for long technical
documentation, but it's probably your best way out of the current problem
you're having.

Tim Altom
Simply Written, Inc.
Creators of the Clustar Method for task-based documentation

Here's my situation:

I have to write a draft (Beta) users guide in three weeks.

We use Word 97. (I'm new--three months old). Our application is VERY graphic
and so the users guides contain lots of screen scrapes. I have written two
guides so far in Word 97, and it's been a nightmare. The graphics don't stay
locked in place. If you insert too much text before the image, Word 97
throws off the graphics willy-nilly, sometimes as far as two pages away. I
don't remember having this problem with 6.0.

I have Pagemaker and Framemaker. Problem is: I don't know these software
packages. Does anyone have any comments regarding this situation. (I am an
experienced Quark Xpress and Publisher user.)

I need a program that provides graphic stability like a desktop publisher,
but the flow of Word. The worst part is I need to be able to learn the
software quickly! No text boxes--I don't want to be moving those babies

Comments regarding the Word 97 graphic issue? Anyone else out there
experienced this? Should I use 6.0 instead?

Is Pagemaker or Framemaker my answer? Are they easy enough to learn to be
able to produce a 50-75 page document loaded with graphics in three weeks?
(Being able to use the book feature of Pagemaker isn't necessary--our guide
is single-sided, GBC bound, one-color, printed from the HP laserjet--not a
high-end piece.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

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