Re: Newbie Information -- Clarification

Subject: Re: Newbie Information -- Clarification
From: Paul <pdunham -at- NMT -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 09:42:16 -0700

After many months of lurking on this list, I am finally joining in to announce
that I have been working on a web site for newbies and it will be up by the end
of the week. I have written to many people on TECHWR-L to ask permission to
quote from some of the recent posts. So far I have over twenty pages on such
topics as tools, job searching, resumes and portfolios, and have links to
various sites that would be of interest to to newbies. I will publish it
officially once I have let the people who are quoted review it.
I will be updating the site constantly and expect that it will grow rapidly to
include more information.

Great minds think alike!

Paul Dunham

Eric J. Ray wrote:

> At 07:54 AM 4/29/98 -0400, Tim Altom wrote:
> >I propose to do a kind of FAQ just for newbie questions. Our Techwr-l site
> >has a FAQ, but what it does is list a question or topic and then display a
> >page with a bunch of responses from the list. If we were to add the common
> >newbie questions we'd promptly double the list of topics. As Eric pointed
> >out to me, it's a formidable task to put together a FAQ specifically for
> >newbies, and almost as great a task for the webmaster to juggle all those
> >separate topics.
> Actually, I think that Tim misunderstood my message. Deb may answer in
> greater detail later, but there's certainly no real or implied limit
> to the number of topics that could be addressed through topic summaries
> on the TECHWR-L site (
> As a matter of fact, the more questions and answers we have
> summarized there, the better it will be for anyone who needs that
> information as well as for those who would prefer to venture into
> newer areas, rather than rehashing the same topics at the same
> level of detail.
> If someone--newbie or not--has a summary of one or more common
> newbie questions, send them to Deb at debray -at- raycomm -dot- com -dot-
> For that matter, if anyone has any contributions or suggestions to make on
> any topic, or links to sites or pages like the one Tim proposes, those
> too would be quite welcome. (Tim, please tell Deb when it goes up
> so she can link to it.)
> (Deb says that the latest update is nearly done, BTW, now that
> the real work is out of the way for the moment.)
> Thanks!
> Eric
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> * TECHWR-L Listowner, co-author _Mastering HTML 4.0_
> * _HTML 4 for Dummies Quick Reference_, and others.
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