Subject: Re: HELP-EXTRA!
From: Kees de Bondt <cbon -at- WXS -dot- NL>
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 15:13:56 +0200

On 30-04 Stuart Rowe wrote:

>I thought it would be a simple matter of scanning each document into a
>contiguous series of images to be easily recorded and subsequently viewed,
>in Word 97.
>The issues are:
>- is it within the capability of Word 97 to "simply" acquire, and coherently
>re-present a contiguous series of graphic images that have no associated
>- If the answer is YES - how?
>- if the answer is NO - how else?

<Snipped from another message (Sella Rush)>
>Access is a pretty complicated program, you might be able to find a
>simpler (and cheaper) alternative. Sorry, in spite of my signature, I
>don't know much about mass market database options.

Try ClarisWorks Office 5 ( I use ClarisWorks over
five years now and the hassles people meet with Word are unknown to me.
Though 4 applications (text, spreadsheet, graphics and paint) have been
put into one package, these are so well integrated that you are not
working with several applications, but a single application that does
many different things...

In addition to these kernels a database module has been integrated, where
you can include multimedia fields - not just pictures in all kinds, but
Quicktime movies too. It is simple to use thanks the way in which layouts
for data-entry or search can be presented.

This versatile suite is available for Macintosh, Windows95 and Windows NT
as well...
Text documents may be exported as Word95 to some extend.
And the package IS cheap: abt USD99

Kees de Bondt

AlQuin Total Quality
Amstelveen, Home of CoBrA - NL
e-mail: cbon -at- wxs -dot- nl ph/fx +31.20.6450976 The Quality Homepage

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