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Subject: Re: FrameMaker to Word
From: Yvonne DeGraw <yvonne -at- SILCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 08:54:57 -0700

Jane Bergen wrote:

>I wish you could tell some of us HOW to do this. I cannot save any
>FrameMaker document as anything else, including MIF, RTF, DOC, or
>anything else. Well, that's an exaggeration. Sometimes I can save it
>as a TXT file, but I don't have time to reformat a 300-page document.
>I'm using FM 5.52 on Windows 95.

Adobe broke the conversion filters in Frame 5.5 (or maybe it was a 3rd party
vendor). Adobe's customer support reps seem unable to communicate this to
each other. You can use Save As to RTF just fine in 5.1.x, however the
crashes you describe happen on some Frame files in 5.5, particularly ones
that use various tricks to support WinHelp single-sourcing.

1. You can have both Frame 5.1.x and Frame 5.5 installed on the same machine
(provided you have enough disk space). The old Frame filters work on Frame
5.5 files saved for 5.1. (I don't know if it works to have Frame 5.5
installed and *then* install an earlier version.)

2. As Tim suggested, you can use the MIF2RTF filter from Omni Systems, Inc.
<>. (I'm not connected with the company. I've bought
the software, but haven't started using it yet. All reports I've seen about
it have been positive.)

Tim Altom wrote:
>Jane, ...
>But you may find that part of your problem is how much RAM you have. Frame
>is a RAM-hog and if you're running less than 32 Meg you're probably going to
>have strange crashes. You may have them regardless, depending how your
>system's configured and how you hold your mouth when you click on various

I've seen the Frame 5.5 Save As RTF fail even with 64 MB and small Frame
files. I've rarely gotten the 5.1.x Save As to fail (unless I held my mouth
just right).

>To maximize your chances, make sure you have all your conditional text
>switched on or off according to the moment's needs...

That's probably at least part of it, as the trick for creating hidden text
in RTF generated from Frame was to make it a visible condition.
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