Re: Lurker Wants Opinions

Subject: Re: Lurker Wants Opinions
From: R2 Innovations <R2innovations -at- MYNA -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 21:54:42 +0000

Steve English wrote:
> Get yourself a copy of "Quotable Quotes" and "The 2,548 Best Things
> Anybody Ever Said", or one of its many variants. Place a quote on each
> of the intentionally blank pages. Bonus points if the quote is
> appropriate to that chapter.
> Doing this says three things:
> 1. The page is intentionally blank-- no critical text is missing.
> 2. There is a reason (e.g., formatting) for doing this.
> 3. Technical writing does not HAVE to be dull.
This appears to be the most sensible suggestion to be written with
regards to this thread.

As good as the suggestion is, however, you can't use it if your writing
documentation for any of the military organizations that I know of -
American, Canadian, or British - they still mandate "This page intentionally
left blank." As well, I believe that any material subject to ATA 100
specifications (commercial aircraft flying into North America) also has this
silly requirement.

Steve, I intend to obtain a copy of Quotable Qotes and start using
your suggestion, thanks a million.

Ralph E. Robinson
R2 Innovations
Specialists in ISO 9000 Documentation and source of the
book, 'Documenting ISO 9000: Guidelines for Compliant
Documentation'. Visit our website dealing with ISO 9000
issues at Send
email to r2innovations -at- myna -dot- com -dot-

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