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Subject: Re: Document numbering system
From: "L. H. Garlinghouse" <garlinghou -at- WATERLOOINDUSTRIES -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 09:35:51 -0600

I asked a similar question in July '96 to the "ISO Standards
Discussion" list. You may wish to subscribe and look at their

Listserv -at- listserv -dot- nodak -dot- edu
Send one of the following commands in the body of the message.
subscribe iso9000 (your name)

Most of the responses were along the lines of
the smartest numbering system was an "unintelligent" one.
Rely on a data base to manage the document content and/or rely on

If you still want a numbering system (I sorta do - my checks are
numbered, why wouldn't I want my other docs. to be also?!) I feel
comfortable with a "dull - normal" not too bright numbering system.

My thoughts are that each document has:
--a system of which it is a part of (ISO, Safety, etc);
-- an issuing department
-- an area of impact.

I think a 4 or 5 charater field should allow these three (3)
attributes to be communicated + a 3 or 4 digit field to number the
docs. sequentially.

A 4D-3D system could work. The four digits to define general
document attributes; the three digits to define the place of the
docuement within the particular "set." This allows a supervisor to
tell a report, "As long as you are in this department, you need to
only worry about the "1234-" series of documents."

Most definitely NOT the last word on this.

> Subject: Document numbering system

> I'm looking for some direction on a document numbering system. Any source material worth recommending? Any success stories?

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