Re: Graphics Apps - Adobe vs. Corel

Subject: Re: Graphics Apps - Adobe vs. Corel
From: sng <sngotler -at- GOTLER -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 13:52:09 -0400


I would take a stronger stand. Postscript and PDF are essential in
publishing. I can't imagine not using them anymore. In my experience, Adobe
products handle postscript and PDF better than anyone else.

Adobe products have steeper learning curves than Corel, but are worth the
additional effort (and cost). They create beautiful postscript that easily
converts to PDF.

From: Max Wyss
Sent: Monday, May 04, 1998 12:45 PM
Subject: Re: Graphics Apps - Adobe vs. Corel


it depends whether PostScript is an issue for your company. If so, or PDF,
they say that CorelDraw has its very unique way to do PostScript, making it
almost unusable for PDF and also difficult to print.

I have no current experience with CorelDraw, but back then, I had very
serious performance problems with CorelDraw, particularly for handling

My experience is with the Adobe products, and I am very well used to them.
For me, PDF is an issue, and Illustrator allows me to modify PDF files, for
example. PostScript output is good.

Photoshop counts as industry standard for image processing.

On the other hand, being used to a certain application has its advantages.

Nevertheless, I do suggest that you try to compare the various
applications. Try to get your hand on an Adobe CD with demo versions of
their products. Play around with them a bit, and then decide.

Hope, this can help.

Max Wyss
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Bridging the Knowledge Gap


>Hi again, folks - I'm back! Having picked your brains on several issues
>last week, now I'd like to throw out a feeler regarding graphics
>As mentioned in earlier posts, I am starting up the tech pubs effort at
>a brand new company and have been given (almost) free rein to choose the
>tools I want. I've got close to 15 years experience as a tech writer, so
>am not totally clueless about this, but I've never before had the
>opportunity to pick the tools I want (gee, this is fun!).
>I have decided on Framemaker for authoring and now need to purchase a
>graphics application. Although we have an illustrator here, he stays
>pretty busy doing Marketing stuff and I know I will need to create and
>tweak illustrations from time to time. I have used Corel Draw & Corel
>PhotoPaint in the past and am fairly familiar with them but am wondering
>how they compare to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PhotoShop, which I have
>never used. I am leaning toward Corel simply because I am familiar with
>it and our illustrator here uses it, but I would like to hear some
>feedback from folks who have used both Corel and Adobe.
>All comments are welcome!
>Chris Welch-Hutchings
>Sr. Technical Writer
>Home Wireless Networks, Inc.
>cwhutchings -at- homewireless -dot- com

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