Re[2]: Graphics Apps - Adobe vs. Corel

Subject: Re[2]: Graphics Apps - Adobe vs. Corel
From: "Walker, Arlen P" <Arlen -dot- P -dot- Walker -at- JCI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 09:28:33 -0500

I've heard good things about Photoshop, but does it handle vector

Not in any meanigful sense of the word.

In particular, I need to be able to edit text entities.

No can do.

I am also curious about how well it deals with DXF imports.

It doesn't.

There are two approaches to computer graphics: vector and bitmap (sometimes
this difference is expressed as "draw" and "paint"). Photoshop is the
supreme example of the latter. I'm continually amazed at the kind of things
that it makes easy. But it's not intended for drafting work.

Its utility depends a lot on the type of work you're doing. If you are
working with scanned images (either scanned photos or digital camera
it's absolutely without equal. OTOH, if what you're doing requires editing
CAD files, then it's a bad choice.

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