Re: Non-technical, Technical Writers

Subject: Re: Non-technical, Technical Writers
From: Esther Wheeler <esther -at- AZURE-TECH -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 11:04:28 -0600

In many cases, I would agree with Andrew that existing technical
is invaluable when writing technical material about a certain subject.
I've been
writing in and around network computing for umpty-ump years now, and the
concepts and acronyms are nearly second nature. This certainly lets me
started quickly on new projects in related fields. But I find the
ability to talk
to my different audiences (users, programmers, potential customers) and
analyze their needs is at least as important as my technical background.

FWIW, my educational background is English and communications. So I
guess I count myself as both a technical (when needed) and non-technical
writer. (But I do my best to never get drawn into the bullet shape,
and font wars. A total waste of time for any project worthy of the name
"technical," IMHO. Now you know why I _like_ being a technical writer.)

I also believe that the ability to think analytically and learn technical
material is more of an individual trait than anything else. Tarring any
or school with the "political correctness" brush to account for
deficiencies strikes me as (ahem) sloppy thinking.

(Ducking quickly...)

- Esther

Esther Wheeler (esther -at- azure-tech -dot- com)
GN Nettest / Azure Operation

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