Spacing problem when I print (long message)

Subject: Spacing problem when I print (long message)
From: Caralee McDonald <camcdonald -at- SAI2000 -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 16:15:54 -0400

We are having a problem with a document created from a template. I will try
to provide all the information I can. The template was created in Word 97
SR-1and contains fill-in macros, bookmarks and set fields. It also has
headings up to 5, and TOC based on these headings. It has a running header
and footer.
The document contains all of these features also. The problem is this:
Everything looks fine on screen - no matter which view, print preview, etc,
but when the document is printed, some of the headings will have an "extra"
space between two letters of a word. There does not seem to be any
consistency in the spacing, except that it tends to happen when you hit the
"middle" of a portrait page (shorter headings (using the same style as
longer ones) do not seem to have the extra space). There is also no
consistency for which letters are affected with the extra space. It can be
docume nt, P lan, Acrony ms, etc.
Here is another interesting thing - I was first printing on an HP 5si, but
then I tried an Epson Stylus color 600. The space occurred within the same
word, but between different letters!!!!
I have checked the paragraph formatting, font formatting, and style
formatting; I have turned off all kerning; I have changed fonts; I have
retyped lines starting from a Normal style; I have copied information to a
brand new document. Nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!!
Thanks in advance,

Caralee McDonald
Technical Writer
Software Associates International, Inc.
100 Valley Road, Suite 200
Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856
PH: 973-770-9001, ext.2356
e-mail: camcdonald -at- sai2000 -dot- com

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