Re: Move to HTML help mandated by Windows 98?

Subject: Re: Move to HTML help mandated by Windows 98?
From: ned <ned -at- ACCESSONE -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 15:52:15 -0700

Hi Sue--

I know Microsoft has completely abandoned WinHelp (and InfoViewer) in favor
of HTML Help, so I think it is the '98 standard, but WinHelp will still run
on '98. There isn't anything about HH that makes it superior to winhelp,
though, so discriminating shops may well choose to ignore it.

I've ported 1000-topic InfoViewer rtf to HH and there is no compelling
reason that I could find to choose to do that! The tools were riddled with
rtf->html problems. I did a LOT of patching. A costly task to move WinHelp
or InfoViewer to HH.

HTML Help is pretty much just HTML files bundled up into a compressed
format. I don't see my industry (currently telephony) rushing to it,
because it takes more-or-less compatible html and makes it uncompatible to
everyone who isn't using IE4 (or otherwise equipped to browse it with the
dedicated HH browser.).

I'm sure someone else will have a more timely report. My comments on
working with it are atleast 6 mos old.

Ned Bedinger
IsoSoft Technical Communications

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From: Susan E. Gallagher [SMTP:sgallagher -at- STEEPLECHASE -dot- COM]
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 1998 9:48 AM
Subject: Move to HTML help mandated by Windows 98?

I checked the techwr-l archives and couldn't find any hits specifically on
this topic. I've been "nomail" for a while -- if this has been discussed,
my apologies.

I've been reading some info. on Windows 98 -- specifically, the replacement
of WinHelp with HTML help. I've been scanning the www, but have been unable
to get a feel for how fast the industry is going to make HTML help the new

Does anyone have a pointer to more info. on this topic? Are Windows 98 apps
expected to be compatible with WinHelp?

Thanks for any pointers....


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