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Subject: Re: Interview Questions - the dancing TW
From: "Hutchings, Christa" <cwhutchings -at- HOMEWIRELESS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 15:43:47 -0400

Hey gang, as I said, in this particular instance, the guy did me a
service by correctly discerning this candidate's priorities in life. If
he hadn't figured out that she was a party animal, I would have been
stuck with a writer who 1) was late almost every morning, and 2) fell
asleep at her desk on a regular basis. Not my idea of a good employee,
whether the cause is dancing or surfing the web all night!

And in response to those who thought this guy was a chauvinist for
asking this kind of question - he did hire me, and my response to
"What's your LEAST favorite thing to do?" was "Answer telephones!" (my
way of letting him know that I was being hired to write tech docs, not
be a part-time receptionist).

Chris Welch-Hutchings
Sr. Technical Writer
Home Wireless Networks, Inc.
Norcross GA (USA)
cwhutchings -at- homewireless -dot- com

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> A promotion to VP -- Good for him!!!
> A man with keen insight, and the ability to ferret out a potential bad
> employee, a man who discriminates for the good of his company, a man
> whose skills of discernment have once again saved the company money
> and
> added to the bottom line, gets a well deserved promotion. Yeahhhh!!!
> From the sound of this thread, there seems to be a contingency that
> would subscribe to a form interview completed through the web. An
> interview that doesn't permit one to be exposed to the personal
> discernment of others. An interview where a quick mind is not needed
> to
> survive.
> Is that really what you want?
> Should interviews be restricted to only a few questions authorized
> under
> color of law?
> Having said that, I am in concert with Bill Swallow who said:
> <snip>
> As far as the boat and cannonball question, I believe you had my
> answer. Any left-field question deserves nothing more than a
> left-field answer.
> <snip>
> Remember it is *your* interview, not just the employer's. Have fun
> with
> it and run the show.
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> >
> >Elna -
> >I see your point, however, as my post indicated, this guy was right
> in
> >his assumption about that particular candidate. And no, he has not
> >moved
> >on - he is now a company VP.
> >
> >Chris Welch-Hutchings
> >
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