Technical vs Non-technical Reply

Subject: Technical vs Non-technical Reply
From: Debbie Stewart <Debbie_Stewart -at- SIECOR -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 08:58:23 -0400

Andrew Plato summarized:
<<<I got a lot of nasty messages from people furiously defending their
right to
NOT be technical. These were curious messages since they were defending
their right to NOT know something. That seems to be an oxymoron for a
profession where information is so important.
I found that those that feel comfortable with their skills are mistrustful
of those that have no interest in learning new technologies. . . . . .
Less experienced writers seemed VERY defensive about this issue. Again,
these are my observations not facts.
. . . . I think the most insightful responses I got were from people who
had lived through the horror many
times. They had interesting perspectives that I had not considered. The
less experienced writers seem to have a lot of pent up anger.
I should note, there was significant contingent of VERY experienced writers
who were massive sour balls. They had nothing nice to say about
I think that if we are all calling our selves professionals, then we ought
to be a little less
reactive to these issues and more factual. Maybe we should mentor, network,
and respect
each other a little more and recognize the vast array of differences among
If we are all, experienced and less experienced, sounding like the above
observations, maybe we should
all drop out and go smell the roses and chill out a little more. I would
like to see a little less
rhetoric and more factual discussions and let the emotion flow on the
raquet ball court or on the hiking
trails. This list is very informative but there is a lot of pecking going
on. Get enough pecking going on and
some big sores are going to develop. Let us all try to respect our
differences and honor our profession.

Debbie Stewart
Lone Tech Writer
Siecor Operations, LLC
Hickory NC
debbie -dot- stewart -at- siecor -dot- com

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