Understanding numbering, bullets, styles in Word97

Subject: Understanding numbering, bullets, styles in Word97
From: "Amy G. Peacock" <apeacock -at- WOLFENET -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 11:04:21 -0700

Greetings all (an especially those of you who are expert Word 97

Me again.
I've been working on a doc that is about 20 pages long. I have made
use of styles available to me in the normal template. I'm trying to
understand the relationship between the styles associated with
bulleted lists and numbered lists (List Bullet and List Number, I
think) and the 'Bullets and numbering...' option under Format, and the
number/bullets buttons on the tool bar.

How do they work together? Or do they? I find that I can't predict
how things are going to change when I go in and increase an indent
here - or change from numbers to bullets there... If I change one
thing then my doc suddenly has a mind of its own and I have bullets
where I had numbers, no indent where there used to be one, numbering
that doesn't flow (BTW, I do know about the Restart numbering and
continuous numbering options). The problem seems to stem from the fact
that I have lists within lists. Should I use only one of the
aforementioned options?

I have added sections breaks in an effort to keep changes that I make
to one list from affecting another list. I don't know if this is the
right thing to do.

That coupled with Word (on NT, I might add) contemplating its navel
today to no end...well, let's just say my frustration level is rather
high right now. I have probably said every four-letter explitive I can
think of twice today.

I hate to burden the list with my qustions like this, but I don't have
anyone else to ask. I have looked in the archives and didn't find much
that helped me. Macros and such are beyond me. I went through this
same kind of frustration with Front Page but at least there I can go
in a tweak the HTML.

Any help would be appreciated. Send replies to me so I don't goop up
the list with this stuff.
Is it Friday yet?

Amy Peacock
techwriter & jewelrymaker
apeacock -at- wolfenet -dot- com

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