Re: Relational Database vs. Nonrelational

Subject: Re: Relational Database vs. Nonrelational
From: Kees de Bondt <cbon -at- WXS -dot- NL>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:40:11 +0200

>Colleen -
>> Can anyone out there give me information on differences between a
>> relational database vs. nonrelational?
>Think of the difference between data on a tape (linear) and data on a
>disk (non-linear, usually). The older, linear databases used files that
>started with some header descriptor, then associated data in a series of
>fields. Within a set, all records had the same fields, regardless of
>whether they had data.
>With relational databases, fields can be used in a number of ways (and
>can be of variable length), provided that they are linked in tables.

In other words: compare nonrelational databases - or flat-files - with
an ordinary contacts card box: each card holds name, company he/she works
for, and telephone number.
Telephone numbers and name may vary, but the company's name may repeat.
There has been a better solution to set - electronically now - a second
card box apart for companies data. Link all those repeating company names
with the one card in the other box with company details. The great
advantage in this construction is when the company details change, you
alter it once in the companies database, and all contacts are instantly
supplied with the new address...

Kees de Bondt

AlQuin Total Quality
Amstelveen, Home of CoBrA - NL
e-mail: cbon -at- wxs -dot- nl ph/fx +31.20.6450976 The Quality Homepage

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