Re: correction--job opening

Subject: Re: correction--job opening
From: John Posada <john -at- TDANDW -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 13:30:18 -0400

A resume may be organized, but no resumes are organized the same. I may not LIKE
your resume template, so I'm going to use My template. We can't even deciede
about whether to include outside interests...we're going to agree on a template?

Where ARE these templates?
Who maintains them
How do we get the word about these templates to every poster, even when they
aren't regular posters or come in through other means..
How do people with only email access find these templates, get a copy, etc.

Maybe it would just be better to hit the delete key if not interested and send a
followup query if it does sound of interest.


> How about having a basic template for job postings? Just as we organize our
> resumes so they are easy to read and pick out info, it would be nice to have
> job postings have a similar format.
> Something like this:
> Position:
> Location:
> Full-time / contract:
> Minimum reqs:
> Salary:
> Relo assistance:
> Et cetera . . .
> *******
> John Posada wrote:
> > And I would like to know that if I apply, will they hire me.
> >
> > Seriously...While I agree on the location for filtering purposes, can't we
> > just be grateful to the job posters that they are keeping us apprised of
> > positions? Yes, they are not doing through the goodness of their
> > hearts...however, if an advertised position was . . .

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