Re: Interview Questions (interests/accomplishments)

Subject: Re: Interview Questions (interests/accomplishments)
From: Penny Staples <pstaples -at- AIRWIRE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 13:53:09 -0500

Seem to me that as long as you stay away from sex, religion and politics, a
line or two mentioning your outside interests or accomplishments isn't going
to do any harm. We all have lives outside of work (I hope), and I think it's
good to acknowledge this. By mentioning my interests on a resume, I am
giving a potential employer clues about my personality. If one of my
interests offends that potential employer to the point where I don't get an
interview, then at least I haven't wasted my time or theirs.

Penny Staples
pstaples -at- airwire -dot- com

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From: Laurel Nelson <Laurel_Y_Nelson -at- NOTES -dot- SEAGATE -dot- COM>
Date: May 15, 1998 1:21 PM
Subject: Re: Interview Questions (interests/accomplishments)

>Andrea Ridgley wrote:
>For example, my husband included in his resume (for a government position)
>that he was Capt. of the high school wrestling team, and that he was an
>Eagle Scout. He got an interview only because he mentioned these two
>activities. He got the job! They were looking for someone with
>leadership skills, accomplishments, and determination (because it takes
>years to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout).
>*Accomplishments* is the key word here. Your husband took an interest and
>developed it until he excelled in that discipline far above the average
>person, which proved that he had some outstanding personal qualities.
>So....maybe it's okay to mention a major accomplishment even if it's
>connected to a personal interest.
>>From a human resource point of view, focusing too much on personal
>interests during an interview can be dangerous because it may lead the
>interviewer to hire someone because of similar interests rather than

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