Re[2]: QUESTION: Hyphenation of Compound Nouns

Subject: Re[2]: QUESTION: Hyphenation of Compound Nouns
From: Diane Williams <Diane_Williams -at- FCS -dot- USDA -dot- GOV>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 13:57:51 EST

Kathy fisher asked:
> Should the entire company name be hyphenated, or just the last of the >
> names; i.e.,
> (Name)-and-(Name)-related project
> -or-
> (Name) and (Name)-related project

>>John Wilcox replied:
None of the above. Put a hyphen after each of the names, thusly:
Name- and Name-related project
Example: one- and two-syllable words
In most cases, however, it's advisable to change the word order, avoiding
the use of the hyphens altogether. Examples:
the project sponsored by Name and Name words containing one or two


John Wilcox, Documentation Specialist Timberlands Information Services
Federal Way, Washington USA
mailto: wilcoxj -at- wdni -dot- com


And I say, "Au contraire!!!" <spelling doesn't count> :-)

"Name and Name" in Kathy's example is an open compound noun and needs to be
treated as one term: such as "Smith and Wesson-related firearms
legislation." Smith and Wesson (the firearms company) is one entity here
and the entire open compound noun should be linked to the adverb to form
the compound modifier with just one hyphen.


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