Kansas TW and Geography

Subject: Kansas TW and Geography
From: Matt Danda <mdanda2 -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 06:31:34 -0700

Couldn't help but notice your posting...I graduated from KU in 93 with
an Econ degree. I too went to DeVry because my KU degree didn't land
me a job immediately out of school.

In the end, I felt I needed to leave Kansas City (and Lawrence, KS) in
order to advance my tech writing career. (Please, someone tell me that
I was wrong!)

You want to get started in freelancing in KC? My first concern is the
job market in that area. Have you found any potential clients? Are any
other freelancers successful?

Regarding skills...well, find out what the local companies want. The
standard Word, FrameMaker, and RoboHelp suite of skills will go a long
way anywhere in this country, I believe.

I dunno, maybe I'm a cynic, but I have seen some serious income
differentials that are based purely on geography and not on job
responsibility. For instance, In Orlando, FL, I am currently making
10-20K more than what other writers just 100 miles south and 100 miles
north are getting--for the same type of job! (Granted, I'm
contract...but these days is contracting really that different, i.e.,
higher-risk? Not really, IMO.)

I'm obviously very interested in learning more about what types of
opportunities are available in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas.
Someday I would like to return to my home town. But as a tech writer,
I am afraid that I might not be able to command a 50K+ income in that
city. Simple geography can make such a difference!

Keep me informed, and good luck,

Matthew Danda
Technical Writer in Software Development
Orlando and Gainesville, FL

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