Re: Resizing bitmaps - what is "resolution"?

Subject: Re: Resizing bitmaps - what is "resolution"?
From: "Peter Ring, PRC" <prc -at- ISA -dot- DKNET -dot- DK>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 15:49:38 +1

Julie Badger wrote:

> Does anyone know what is the best utility for resizing screen
> captures for use in documentation or .hlp files? I have been
> resizing my screen captures in Paint Shop Pro (using the resample
> option), but the resized images seem blurry and not crisp like the > original capture. Any ideas what a good utility might be?

Don't expect to find "an application which solves it", because it's not that simple.

A suitable explanation is difficult to give without showing examples, and that is almost impossible on a mailing list. I have instead decided to let it be the subject for next month's "Tip of the month"It's partly written, and I'll be working further on it in the week-end!

BTW, does anybody know the PRACTICAL application of the "Resolution" feature (pixels/inch) implemented in some bitmap formats? It is stated to be set to 72 or 92 for screen images and e.g. 300 or 600 for printer output. But I can't see any difference if inserting the same bitmap with the same size in pixels, but saved in different resolutions.

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