Subject: SR-1
From: TJ Gordon <tjg -at- SDL -dot- USU -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 10:45:15 -0600

Trying to catch up with the SR-1 issue... I have used W95 with Office 97
for some time and have encountered a catastrophic event in MSWord, in
which some or all of my graphics (e.g., pictures, equations, any graphic
element) were being irreversibly replaced en masse by a large, very
bright red "X" inside a heavy black border. The only effective repair
was to delete and replace the graphic(s) in question. A call to
Microsoft revealed that this was something that they, with great
imagination, called "The Red X Problem." SR-1 would, Microsoft assured
me, fix it. So I downloaded SR-1, ran it--and sure enough it fixed the

Then I bought a new computer with bundled W95/Office97. The first big
technical document I wrote exhibited the Red X problem. "Aha," thought
I, and immediately down-loaded and ran SR-1. But because my new version
of Office 97 is more recent than SR-1, the patch did not update
Word...and thus I still have the Red X problem.

That's the background; this is the question: do other users of recent
Office 97/MS Word have this difficulty? If so, how do you curcumvent it?



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